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Who We Help?
We Help   Children
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We meet the physical, intellectual, emotional, socia, and spiritual needs of abused and neglected children.  

  • Provide quality residential care for children from birth through age 18 years needing basic and moderate levels of care

  • Provide a family-like atmosphere, teaching positive behavior and Christian values.

  • Serve private as well as TDFPS placements under a non-financial contract.

  • Serving both boys and girls so siblings may live together in the same home.

  • Provide socially enhancing activities of the child’s choosing such as soccer, dance, gymnastics or other extracurricular activities.

  • Provide scholarship assistance for Children’s Village graduates desiring to pursue a college education.

  • Teach social skills such as how to follow instructions, accepting constructive criticism, accepting "no" for an answer, table manners, problem solving, etc.

  • Emphasize learning academic skills.  Our children attend public schools and have regular study time each day.  Our married couples frequently visit with teachers to evaluate the child’s success and to monitor their classroom behaviors.

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Children’s Village specializes in serving children who have no family financial resources or state support.

Place a Child
How do I place a child?

Children’s Village helps families (mothers, fathers, grandparents) who realize they need help in raising their children.  Families are often in conflict; they face issues ranging from drug and alcohol abuse, death, abuse, incarceration, or abandonment by a family member.  They need help, but their children are not in the custody of the state and they do not have money for places that require expensive fees or tuition.

The family situation requires time apart for the child and family member in order for the child to be safe, to get the most from school, and to grow up.  Children often grow in their love and appreciation for family members while they live at Children’s Village and family members learn how to better love and care for their children.  Our homes are co-ed, so brothers and sisters can remain together at Children’s Village.  They attend school and can function in a family setting.

For whatever reason children come to Children’s Village, we are committed to fulfilling our ministry of providing a Christian environment.  No child is turned away because of race, sex, religion, national origin, or because their family does not have money to pay for care.

If you are interested in placement of your child, please call our office at (903) 531-0551 or email us Here.

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