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All About Us
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Who We Are

Children's Village was founded to help abused, neglected and homeless children from Northeast Texas.  Since 1980 we have provided 24-hour residential care in two family-style living homes on a rural campus.  We also have two transitional living apartments.  Our homes are co-ed so we can serve sibling groups.  We believe that siblings should stay together for support and security whenever possible.  In fact, since we began taking younger children in 2004, 85% of our children have been part of a sibling group.  We help boys and girls who, because of family dysfunction and abuse, find their lives, values, relationships and hopes for the future shattered by their present circumstances.  Our boys and girls learn positive family values and enhanced social skills.  They grow spiritually and achieve academic success through the example and teaching of a caring staff.  Children's Village is dedicated to offering children healing for their circumstances and hope for a brighter future.  


Outcomes:  Children's Village is very committed to the children who have come to live on our campus.  Our philosophy is that once a child comes to live with us, they will remain with us until they are either able to return home or are adopted.  Since 2004, we have met this goal 100% of the time.  Adoptions have drastically increased since we began taking younger children in 2004.  As of December, 2019, we have had a total of 51 adoptions with 45 of these adoptions being sibling groups.  Six have been single child adoptions and 52 children have been reunited with their families.  


Aftercare:  Children's Village continues to stay in touch with children who have returned home or have been adopted.  We offer moral and emotional support as well as training to families when needed.  Children who have completed the program and have graduated from high school are eligible for college assistance.  

We Are Unique

Children's Village is a charity and takes no state or federal funds.  While we have a contract with the State of Texas, this is a non-financial contract.  The boys and girls who come to call Children's Village home have no family financial resources or state sponsorship.  We are funded by caring individuals, churches, businesses and grants written to private foundations.  


We are a Christian organization, however, have no specific church affiliation.  All children and staff are required to attend church and Sunday school every Sunday.  Children learn basic Biblical principles and are raised in an environment that involves nurturing and structure; along with learning age-appropriate skills that are individualized for each child.  

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A place where a child can experience love and encouragement in a family environment.

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Our History

Children's Village began in 1980 with a 2400 square foot donated wood frame duplex.  The structure was moved to the home's location on FM 724 in Tyler and was remodeled to meet child care building, Health Department and fire code standards.  In 1985 the home was enlarged by adding 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms totaling an additional 1600 square feet.  


In 1992 a 2600 square foot duplex apartment was built adjacent to the cottage as a Transitional Independent Living unit for our 17-year-old students to live during their senior year in high school.  The focus was to help these older teens develop the independent living skiIls and self-reliance they needed to move into the community as productive adults or to attend college.  If a child completes our program and wishes to attend college, Children's Village provides scholarship assistance.  


In 1998, the program expanded by adding a second home totaling 5,300 square feet.  

In 2006, an office was built on our campus and in 2013 we built our Little Red School House donated by Jan Alcorn McPheeters.  This building has been a wonderful place for our children to have study time, do activities and is also a wonderful gathering place when groups come to visit throughout the year.  

2019 Accomplishments:  During 2019 Children’s Village served a total of 16 children ranging in age from 5 months to 8 years.  The 16 children were part of 6 different sibling groups.  During the year, we had two children adopted bringing the total number of adoptions to 51 since our first adoption in 2007.  Twelve children were able to be reunited with their family.  For all our children served throughout 2019, we were their first and only placement until they were adopted or returned home.  Our philosophy is once a child comes to live with us at Children’s Village, they remain with us until they are adopted into a forever family or return home.  We continue to meet this goal 100% of all placements.

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