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We Depend On You

Children’s Village is a charity. 


The boys and girls who come into care at Children’s Village have no family financial resources, and Children’s Village does not receive state or federal funds.  Therefore, Children’s Village relies exclusively on local contributions from concerned individuals, churches, civic organizations, businesses, and private foundations to meet the daily needs of the children.  


Every Day of the year we invest time, attention and love in the lives of boys and girls whose futures are at risk.  We don’t always see the immediate returns, but our experience is that investing in a child’s life pays dividends over the span of generations.

Our Amazon Wishlist

The Cottage Parents have created an Amazon Wish List for specific items they need in the cottage. These range from everyday, mundane household items to books and other items that will benefit the children living in the home. The list is updated regularly. Please check it periodically to see what items you would like to purchase for the home.

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  • One Time Gift
    Please consider a one-time donation. The funds you provide in this manner are used for food, clothing, shelter, and education for our boys and girls in care. If you would like to donate, click on the donate button above. You may also contact us for more information or print, fill out, and return this Giving Form.
  • Circle of Friends - Monthy Giving
    The Circle of Friends Sponsorship Program of Children's Village is a wonderful way to provide consistent support for the children in our care. Please consider committing to a monthly, quarterly or yearly sponsorship. You decide which area of a child’s care you are interested in sponsoring. These include: ​ Christian education, $15 a month ​Helps underwrite a Bible for each new child, religious inspirational materials, Christian youth programs and trips, and summer church camps. ​​ Activities, $30 a month​ Helps provide athletic and recreational equipment, musical instruments for school band, crafts and hobby supplies, tickets to special events and recreational outings. ​​ Education, $50 a month ​Contributes to the cost of school supplies, the cottage reference library, tutors, educational equipment such as computers, educational software and tapes, career counseling, visits to cultural and educational events. ​​ Basic care, $75 a month​ Helps underwrite day-to-day needs of a child: food, clothing, medical, dental, therapeutic care, allowances – all the necessities of care. ​ Cottage life, $100 a month​ Helps maintain cottage life and make the house more of a home. This includes birthday and Christmas presents for the children in the cottage, cottage vacation trips, and special items the cottage needs to make the house more of a home for boys and girls living there. ​ You simply need to fill out a Sponsorship Form and return it to Children’s Village or contact us for more help!
  • Memorial Tributes
    Do you have a friend or loved one you wish to honor in a special way? Children’s Village can help you honor that person through our Memorial Program or our Tribute and Remembrance Program. ​ The funds you provide in this manner are used for food, clothing, shelter, and education for our boys and girls in care. At the same time, it is a thoughtful way to say to a friend, relative or bereaved family that you care. ​ Here’s how it works: Memorial Gifts are acknowledged immediately by a personal card to the bereaved family. No mention is made of the gift amount. Many find this “living memorial” more meaningful than flowers. Contact us for more info or click here for theMemorial and Remembrance Form.
  • Rememberance and Tribute Gifts
    Remembrance and tribute gifts may be sent in honor of a birth, birthday, anniversary, graduation, illness, recovery or occasions such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. They are promptly acknowledged and the amount is not mentioned Contact us for more info or fill out and return the Memorial Form.
  • Endowment Funds
    What is an endownment fund? An endowment fund is an investment made by or on the behalf of a foundation that uses the earnings from the investment to fund its operations. Think of is as an artesian well that keeps giving and giving. Because of their enduring quality, endowments enable us to plan ahead with confidence. We can project endowment income and develop plans accordingly. Endowments are Personal and Flexible While it is possible, and sometimes desirable, to create an unnamed, restricted endowment fund, many people want their fund to bear a person’s name. They are also able to tailor the purpose of their endowment to benefit a specific area of interest. Many of our partners appreciate the flexibility and the opportunity to personalize their “artesian well." Contact us to learn more about donating to an endowment fund to provide for future generations.
  • Wills and Testaments
    Leave a legacy. More than half of adults have taken no action to document their wishes in a will. What would happen if you died tomorrow? Would your spouse inherit all your property? Would your financial and personal valuables be divided the way you would choose? What church, charity, or non-profit organization would receive a final gift? Without a will, the state courts decide these questions for you. A will is not just for the wealthy. We all need to leave a last statement of what is important to us, our last testament. At minimum, your plan should consist of: 1. A basic will, properly executed and witnessed, instructions for passing your estate on to your heirs; 2. A durable power of attorney, for an agent in financial matters if you become unable to manage your own affairs; 3. A healthy care proxy, an agent who can generally make health care decisions for you if you are unable to make them yourself. ​ Another mistake is to make a will and assume it is done – for a lifetime. It is important to review you plan every few years and adjust for the changes in your life. ​ You should plan your estate regardless of size. You have the opportunity to be significant, to make a difference, no matter what assets you leave behind. ​ Leave a legacy that reflects your beliefs and values. Of course, you should take care of your family first and foremost. But, a gift included in your estate, a gift of any size, also says something about how you view yourself and how you want to be remembered. Perhaps you would like to learn more about wills. For printed information on making your will, click hereto fill out an information request.

Consider partnering with us to impact Children in East Texas!

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