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How Can I Help?

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We Depend On You

Children’s Village is a charity. 


The boys and girls who come into care at Children’s Village have no family financial resources, and Children’s Village does not receive state or federal funds.  Therefore, Children’s Village relies exclusively on local contributions from concerned individuals, churches, civic organizations, businesses, and private foundations to meet the daily needs of the children.  


Every Day of the year we invest time, attention and love in the lives of boys and girls whose futures are at risk.  We don’t always see the immediate returns, but our experience is that investing in a child’s life pays dividends over the span of generations.

Our Amazon Wishlist

The Cottage Parents have created an Amazon Wish List for specific items they need in the cottage. These range from everyday, mundane household items to books and other items that will benefit the children living in the home. The list is updated regularly. Please check it periodically to see what items you would like to purchase for the home.

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