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Blue Spots Transparent
Assistant Cottage Parent Information

All employees must pass a DFPS and Criminal background check, FBI Fingerprinting, drug screening, and Tuberculosis (TB) test prior to employment.
-    Must be 21 years of age.
-    Must have a high school diploma or GED.
-    Must have a valid Driver License with a safe driving record.
-    Experience working with children is preferred.
-    Must be able to model healthy family relationships while incorporating Christian values.
-    Strong and effective interpersonal communication skills.
-    Problem-solving, coping skills and ability to adapt to change.
-    Ability to work well with people of different ages and backgrounds to collaborate as part of a team.
-    Maintain positive relationships with co-workers, social workers, therapists, teachers, mentors, and other community stakeholders.
-    Represent Children’s Village at public events.
-    Possess exceptional time management and organizational skills.

Assistant Cottage Parents will:
-    Become familiar with each child’s social history to understand the child as an individual.
-    Develop a relationship with each child, actively listen to them, and offer support.
-    Develop a relationship with the other cottage parents and assistant cottage parents to build an on-campus community.  
-    Conduct daily devotions in the home with the children and actively participate in a local church.
-    Possess basic cooking skills, plan, and serve well-balanced meals.
-    Perform daily household tasks necessary for cleanliness and home maintenance.
-    Promptly clean grounds or workspace after project completion.
-    Assign duties and household chores to children in their home, as age and skill of the child allows.
-    Teach children proper care for their belongings, as age and skill of the child allows.
-    Encourage the development of good personal hygiene habits such as bathing, brushing teeth, changing clothes, shampooing hair, cleaning nails, etc.
-    Provide structured time each day for schoolwork and ensure that the children have necessary study materials.
-    Assist each child with his/her daily homework and report concerns to school administration.
-    Implement a variety of age-appropriate activities that support each child’s growth and development.
-    Model positive behavior and utilize appropriate language, social interactions, and positive discipline.
-    Transport children to school, church, family visits, and recreational activities.

This is a part time position starting at $15 per hours

Flexible schedule

Meals are provided when working in the home

Agency vehicle is provided for transporting children

Agency paid training to help with professional development

Assistant Cottage Parent
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