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Children's Village is a Christian children's home that shares God's love and strengthesns our community by providing healing and hope for neglected and abused boys and girls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Children’s Village located?
Children’s Village is located in Tyler, TX, two miles north of the airport on FM 724.  We have two cottages with one or two children in a room.

Where do children attend school?
Our elementary children attend school at Dixie Elementary in the Tyler Independent School District.  Our junior high and high school attend in Van Independent School District.  Children who are not school age occasionally attend a local Mother’s Day Out program.

Can siblings live together?
We feel that siblings living together is very important.  Our homes are co-ed so that siblings can remain together in the same home.

Where do you get your funding?
Children’s Village takes no state or federal funds.  We are funded totally by private donations from individuals, churches, or private foundations.

How do I place my child a Children’s Village?
Call the Campus Director at 903-592-3421 or send us an email.

How often can I see my child?
Visits are arranged at the time of admission.  Some children go home for weekend and holiday visits, but some visits are just for an afternoon.

How do I keep up with my child’s progress?
You can call the home and talk to one of the Family Teachers whenever you like.  We will also call you on a frequent basis.  We will send you report cards and progress reports on your child’s academic progress.  We will also invite you to review a more formal report on your child four times a year.  We are always open to talking with parents about their child.

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